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CarbonEnfo Joins EnergyWeb

CarbonEnfo Partners with Energy Web to Unlock the Value of Solar Energy Data

CarbonEnfo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based Empower Energy Technology, will leverage Energy Web’s ecosystem and Web 3 infrastructure solutions to develop and launch a range of blockchain-enabled energy data services.


Zug, Switzerland, Sept. 19, 2023 — CarbonEnfo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based Empower Energy Technology, a leader in direct generation solar as well as renewable energy measurement/management, has joined the Energy Web Foundation’s established ecosystem of energy majors and IT service providers by validating Energy Web’s decentralized operating system.

The move comes as CarbonEnfo seeks to extend its expertise in renewable energy data by developing and launching a range of enterprise and consumer-facing solutions for the U.S. market. Last year, utility-scale U.S. solar installations rebounded from COVID-driven supply chain issues and a record 700,000 U.S. homeowners installed rooftop solar systems, a 40% jump from 2021(Solar Energy Industries Association).

CarbonEnfo’s Participation in Energy Web’s Ecosystem

As both an infrastructure operator and validator for the Energy Web ecosystem, CarbonEnfo is contributing to enhanced network security for the Energy Web Chain—the world’s first public blockchain designed explicitly for the energy sector—and by extension all enterprise software solutions that leverage the Energy Web technology stack.

Energy Web solutions are designed to unlock a more decentralized, digitized and decarbonized energy system. “Green Proof” solutions in the Energy Web ecosystem bring radical transparency to new green product supply chains while Data Exchange solutions enable small-scale clean energy assets like electric vehicles and rooftop solar systems to be networked together and used to maintain grid stability.

“We’re very interested in driving trust and transparency across the supply chain, which is why we’re so excited to join the Energy Web ecosystem,” said Thatcher Young, co-founder of CarbonEnfo. “In addition to supporting the public blockchain, we see tremendous value in leveraging the Energy Web technology stack to advance our own application development.”

“We need trusted experts like CarbonEnfo to help create and scale bold new solutions for doing more with renewable energy data. We are delighted to welcome CarbonEnfo to the Energy Web ecosystem,” said Jesse Morris, CEO of Energy Web.


About Energy Web Energy Web is a global non-profit accelerating the clean energy transition by developing open-source technology solutions for energy systems. Our enterprise-grade solutions improve coordination across complex energy markets, unlocking the full potential of clean, distributed energy resources for businesses, grid operators, and customers. Our solutions for enterprise asset management, data exchange, and Green Proofs, our tool for registering and tracking low-carbon products, are underpinned by the Energy Web Chain, the world’s first public blockchain tailored to the energy sector. The Energy Web ecosystem comprises leading utilities, renewable energy developers, grid operators, corporate energy buyers, automotive, IoT, telecommunications leaders, and more. More information on Energy Web can be found at or follow us on Twitter @EnergyWebX

About CarbonEnfo

Based in Atlanta, a unit of Empower Energy Technology, CarbonEnfo’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy by unlocking the value of renewable energy data. By connecting enterprises and residential solar owners to its proprietary platform and other cleantech solutions, CarbonEnfo aims to help build and promote a global market for clean energy.



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